Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu YogaKripalu Yoga is a contemporary school of Yoga that reflects a synthesis of traditional approaches. It is based on the teachings of Swami Kripalvanandji.  Kripalu Yoga incorporates into one system the physical and purification practices of Hatha Yoga; the mental disciplines of Raja Yoga; the prana awakening principles of Kundalini Yoga; the devotion of Bhakti Yoga; and the emphasis on service of Karma Yoga.

More than a spiritual practice on the Yoga mat, Kripalu Yoga is a holistic lifestyle in which the principles of Yoga are applied off the mat in daily life. The key to the practice of Kripalu Yoga lies in understanding prana (universal life-force) as a link between body, mind, and spirit. The regular practice of Kripalu Yoga will result in the awakening of prana, which allows the deeper aspects of Yoga and meditation to manifest spontaneously and effortlessly.

Throughout Kripalu’s three-stage approach, you are guided to move at your own pace, honoring your body’s needs in each moment. Kripalu Yoga develops the body, mind and spirit in a compassionate and non-judgmental way. You leave the class feeling uplifted and centered.



Stage 1 Willful Practice (Body and Breath Awareness) begins with an experiential approach to understanding the details of alignment and the coordination of breath while moving into and out of postures.
Stage 2 Holding the Posture (Inner Focus and Concentration) guides you to focus your attention on inner sensations, thoughts and emotions. You learn to hold postures for longer periods of time while cultivating compassion and awareness.
Stage 3
Meditation in Motion (Absorption) is a unique and personal expression of Kripalu Yoga. You practice the art of moving in response to your body’s wisdom, with postures flowing from one into the next. This experience is often described as a state of prayer expressed in movement.