Urban Barre

Barre Ladies 4-1Urban Barre

Fire up your core, Burn away a stressful day, Stretch the imagination, Expand your boundaries, Invigorate from head to toe.  These are just a few of the many ways to describe Urban Barre.


Each class is a unique blend of ballet-inspired strengthening, Pilates technique, isometric and dynamic movement, along with yoga wisdom all set to invigorating music.  We utilize light weights, resistance bands and mat-work to achieve muscle lengthening, cardio conditioning and total body toning.  This sweaty workout, which can burn upwards of 500 calories per class, is energetic, fun and efficient.


Urban Barre in never an average experience, no one class is the same.  At Urban Yoga we differentiate ourselves from the rest.  Our instructors are encouraged to approach each class with their individual energies, strengths and techniques. Because of these freedoms  our classes are tailored to our clients preferences and potential.


Once you experience Urban Barre you’ll understand what makes us Fort Worth’s most inspirational and vibrant Barre program.