Vajra Yoga

Vajra YogaVajra Yoga

Vajra Yoga integrates meditation directly into the practice of (hatha) yoga. This approach awakens us to the inseparability of body, mind and heart, and educates the mind to explore the space that opens within us through regular practice of yoga postures.  Vajra signifies the perennial truthfullness of reality. Jill Satterfield is the founder and creator of “Vajra Yoga and Meditation” and the “School of Compassionate Action.” Jill has been practicing Yoga for 30 years, teaching Yoga for 20 years, & studying & teaching Meditation for 18 years. Vajra has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Tricycle, Shambhala Sun, Yoga Journal, Fit Yoga, Self, and Marie Claire. Jill was hailed as one of the four leading yoga and Buddhist teachers in the country by the Shambhala Sun.