Thai Yoga Therapy


Thai Yoga Therapy can be gentle and nurturing when needed, it is more often very physically intensive, with a focus on therapy more than pampering. Thai Yoga Therapy is performed with the client clothed, on a mat on the floor.

During treatments, Carah helps clients to find areas of stress, tension, toxins and energetic blockages held in the body, and to release that stress through focused, intentional work. This work may incorporate dynamic stretching, focused compression and deep tissue techniques, acupressure-style sen line and release-point work, or any combination thereof. The result of a Thai Yoga Therapy session is a profound healing experience, one of renewed vitality, strength, and harmony for the individual as a whole.

Carah received her certification through the Naga Center,, in Portland, Oregon and continues to study with her teacher Nephyr Jacobsen any chance she can.