India 2013

We invite you to join us on our next Urban Pilgramage August 4th through 16th of 2013, as we explore the holy cities of Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Varansi in India. We look forward to traveling with you and sharing our adventures with you as we blend our energies into the energies of some of the world’s most sacred sites.

Varanasi, named Benares under British rule, is famed to be the oldest city in the world. Also known by the name, Kashi, this sacred city on the banks of the River Ganges is home to the sages Shankaracharya and Patanjali, the poet Kabir, and the saint Tulsi Das. Varanasi is said to be the birthplace of ayurveda and of course, many generations of musicians, artists, and vedic astrologers.

Each day, we will explore a new aspect of what will become our home-away-from-home. The temples of Varanasi are steeped in thousands of years of ritual Hindu tradition. Experience this ancient flow each time we slip our shoes off and allow ourselves to be washed through the temples on waves of people.

As much as we will explore the rich spiritual heritage within the city, we will also venture into outlying villages, meeting communities of friends who are practicing artistic traditions of the region. These connections are what make this trip truly unique — this opportunity to have a personal exchange of culture, creativity, and spirituality.

Join us hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder, and arm in arm as we sail through the dusty, busy, colorful, living streets of India. Join us as we share our feelings about how India teaches us to flow and to open our hearts to a type of trust that is stronger than anything we’ve ever experienced.

The cost of the trip, which includes all local transportation, accomodations, breakfast, dinner and snacks and excludes all airfare, is $2,400 by December 31, 2012, with a $100 deposit. After that date, the cost increases to $2,800. Payment plans are available. To sign up, go to

Additionally, if you make your commitment by September 21st, you will receive a gift bag when we get to India that contains a LuckyUschi Kurta, Varanasi silk scarf, a beautiful string of mala beads, and box of fragrant incense, all tucked away in a handmade LuckyUschi tote bag.

The memories we create together will last a lifetime — memories of sunrises over the Ganges, of temple bells ringing in your ears, of practicing yoga in its birthplace, and of experiencing the intersection of the most human and the most divine.

We’d be honored for you to join us.

With Much Love,
Brook and Beth

For more information, contact Beth at 817-925-4913 or



2012 Trip

Travel, explore, and discover with new and old friends.See the Sun rise over the River Ganges.Explore a holy city by way of a holy river.

“I was called to India by something deeper than I can name. From the moment I was invited to Varanasi, I knew it was meant to be. My favorite part of the trip was the sisterhood that was formed between us. We not only grew closer to those we knew, but formed new lifelong friendships. . . The sensory overload of India forced me into the present moment! My best advice for someone else going on the trip is to trust the process and surrender.”  ~AB
“My favorite thing about the trip was the relationships that opened to me. Mostly, I liked myself in India. I feel like I saw myself clearly- both good and not so good. That was my gift from India. Because I had little knowledge of the area before the trip, I watched Bollywood movies and documentaries, and I read a few books before leaving for the trip. Those things gave me a good feel for the mood of India: Vibrant, passionate, and colorful.”  ~JZ
“What appealed to me was the fact that we were scheduled to visit several different places and experience different aspects of India. Not only did we go to see different places, we experienced different forms of transportation. We took the cycle rickshaw, the auto rickshaw, row boat, motor boat, small airplane, small bus, large bus, car, lots of walking, and of course the overnight train. When I go to different countries, I want to really experience their life. That was what appealed to me about this trip. Uschi and her team made a HUGE difference in the experience because they took care of the group’s needs and individuals’ special requests. Also, they made it fun.”  ~ED
“I had traveled abroad many times and had always wanted to go to India, mainly to see the architectural history. My favorite things about the trip were the people I was with and seeing, Fatehpur Sikri, a 16th century palace in Agra.” ~TS