Gabrielle Douglas

Gabrielle has been practicing yoga for 12 years and meditation for 5 years.

She began studying with her first yoga instructor, Jeff Farrell, in Dallas, TX. in 1999. Since then, she has continued to study intensely with instructors: Piper Petrie (Iyengar) in private and group classes in Vermont, Emily Garrett (Kripalu) in group classes and workshops in Vermont, Deb Neubauer (Anusara) workshops in Vermont and Jill Satterfield in obtaining her teacher certification in Vajra Yoga. Jill Satterfield is the founder of Vajra Yoga and School for Compassionate Action and is based in New York City. Gabrielle had the opportunity to study with, for two weeks at a Shambala Center, in the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont; and one week-end a month for 6 months in New York City. Following her certification, she assisted Jill Satterfield for two days during a teacher training course offered in Burlington, Vermont.

As a child and young teenager, she studied ballet for 8 years. She has found that much of her early teachings from her ballet instructor, Mary Gordon, are  similar to, and can be applied to her yoga practice as well.

She also has written and played music for 18 years and has recorded music for 15 years. She began practicing yoga to help with the stress and demands of a full time career and full time musician. Later, as the physical stress of repetitive movement from her career began to affect her body, she found yoga and  meditation to help her heal on a deeper level to relieve physical and emotional pain. And, like music, yoga resonates within her mind, heart and spirit.

Gabrielle created the class, “Slow Flow Yoga” when she began teaching at Burlington Yoga four years ago. Slow Flow is the practice of observing your own natural rhythym of breath and movement with the body, while moving slowly from one pose to another. This helps us to see how we are getting into and how we are holding the pose. In this way, we are more mindful of our alignment and listen to our practice. We can carry our practice of “Slow Flow” into our everyday lives. It will help us to be more mindful, grounded, and balanced in everything we do; and not react quickly to the pressures that are expected of us, by society.

She has been living in Burlington, VT. for the past nine years, where she taught Slow Flow and Vajra Yoga at Burlington Yoga and On Track Fitness, while owning her own business (Bella Tu studio) and playing music in the Northeast Region and U.K., with The Cush.

She has recently moved back to TX (where she was born & raised) and resides in Ft.Worth, with her husband and their sweet ferret, and continue to seek musical endeavors with one another, and their band, The Cush.

Now, with her certification in Vajra Yoga, she focuses on teaching Vajra Yoga, Slow Flow and Flow Yoga.