Hilary Shellhorse

Hilary grew up in Fort Worth and has lived in Austin and Aspen. She recently began teaching Barre but has had a life-long love and understanding of physical fitness and its benefits for the body and soul.  For many years, Hilary has been a student of several yoga practices, and enjoys skiing and hiking. A stay-at-home mom, Hilary spends the majority of her time with her husband Brent and their two sons Holden and Hutton.           

When Hilary discovered Barre at Urban Yoga in 2011, she was immediately drawn to the focused, high-energy, total body strengthening, lengthening, and toning exercise program. Being a mother of two young children she was attracted to a workout that really made the most of an hour and gave such rapid results.  And it was fun!  Despite a self-proclaimed fear of public speaking, Hilary’s love of barre only increased and she found herself compelled to share it with others. She is proud and grateful to have trained for several months with her instructor Stephanie Perry.  After completing the intensive training with Stephanie, Hilary was given the opportunity to teach her passion at Urban Yoga. Having such a warm inviting studio offer its embrace has been life changing and she is truly honored to be there. She understands that teaching is not showing others what you can do, but showing them what they can do.