Kellie McLarty

Kellie McLarty, MEd., LPC, Nia Black Belt, Instructor since 1998

Nia has been my healing and inspiring friend since 1997. I found Nia just in time to heal my broken spirit, physical ailments,and body image. I simply couldn’t keep this healing tool to myself! I have enjoyed instructing Nia in yoga studios and fitness clubs to all body types, ages, and fitness levels since 1998. Along with my supportive husband Keeley, I have a family of four – with one girl and one boy – both of whom danced with me in the womb and out. Nia continues to introduce me to talented, amazing, lifelong friends and continues to put me in a space with some of the most amazing people on the planet. Being a Licensed Professional Counselor, my work with individuals is greatly enhanced with the tools of Nia. Nia is one of my favorite Joys, and I continue to learn and fill myself up with it’s practice every day.  Learn more about Nia here.