Megan Roark-Reece

Megan has always been uniquely aware of Spirit, not only in herself but all around her. In 1998, when Megan’s began practicing yoga and Nia, she became even more keenly aware of the well of healing, God Energy within herself and all living things. Megan became eager to share this truth with others and became a local studio owner in 2002, where she consistently guided and participated in yoga and Nia classes and workshops. In 2007, after 5 years at Soul Fitness, Megan made the choice to focus more on her personal practice, her teaching and her family, thus letting go of the large responsibility of owning and managing a yoga studio.

When Megan began her Nia journey in 1998, she immediately loved the natural and organic Nia movements. For the first time in her life, she was going back to class day after day for the sheer joy of the experience, not because she felt she had to put in her token hour at the gym. As Megan began to sense herself healing through Nia, she knew someday she would share it with others. In July 2001, Megan had that chance, earning her Nia White Belt with Nia Black Belt and Trainer Holly Curtis. Megan has been teaching consistently since her White Belt certification and continues to be in constant awe over this amazingly healing and dynamic movement form. Megan delivers the work of Nia in a joyful, authentic, and spirited way. Her classes have the ongoing thread of joy within them — she consistently reminds her students of the power of consciously choosing joy in and out of the classroom. In November of 2007, Megan received her Nia Blue Belt from the co-creator of the Nia Technique, Carlos Rosas, at the International Nia Headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Since beginning teaching yoga in 2002, Megan’s classes have evolved into spirited and invigorating vinyasa-style yoga classes. Her classes are nurturing and at the same time challenging. Megan always inspires her students to cultivate an intimate connection with one’s Self, and supports this beautifully by offering levels, freedom and adaptability in all of her classes. Megan has been privileged to study yoga under many life-changing teachers. In 2004, Megan studied Priya Yoga with Michelle Andrie, a yoga therapist. Megan also participated in a master training with Rod Stryker in September 2008. Other inspiring teachers with whom she has studied include Manju Jois, Seane Corn, Jeni Fox and Paul Gould, Rodney Yee, and Doug Swenson.