Welcome to WellnessLiving!

We are LIVE with our new operating software through WellnessLiving.  You should have received an email with the following information and links so that you can update your user credentials.  If for some reason you did not get the email, please let us know and we’ll get you set up – infourbanyoga@gmail.com 

We have embedded an easy access link on our classes page that will take you directly to the log in page as well.

Hi Urbie,

Urban Yoga welcomes you! As part of our implementation processes at WellnessLiving, we are updating everyone with their login credentials.

For your own records, the following information is what you can use to log in to give you access to your own client profile, where you can schedule classes and appointments online at the Urban Yoga website.

Username:  UrbiesRule123 (Use the assigned username provided in YOUR email)

Password:  Update your password (there will be a link here you can click to make the changes needed)

You can do this on your phone as well!   Get on board using your iPhone or Android device using theWellnessLiving app!



With Gratitude!

Urban Yoga